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There are seemingly countless digital adoption solutions available, so figuring out which one is best for you is tough. You want to accelerate user onboarding, increase productivity, and reduce support and training costs but need to figure out which tool is the best fit. I've got you! In this post I make things simple, leveraging my experience managing big, complex products, and using dozens of different tools to bring you this shortlist of the best digital adoption software.

What Is Digital Adoption Software?

A digital adoption platform is a software that simplifies the onboarding process and enhances the ongoing usage of digital tools within an organization. It focuses on providing users with real-time, contextual guidance and support, fostering a smoother and more efficient adoption of software applications.

Through in-app guidance, walkthroughs, interactive tutorials, analytics for user engagement, and segmentation capabilities, these platforms often offer personalized experiences to users, ensuring that they receive the right level of assistance and information tailored to their specific needs and skill levels.

Overviews Of The 10 Best Digital Adoption Platforms

Here’s a brief description of each digital adoption solution to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface.


iSpring Learn

Best for online learning and training management

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
47 reviews

30-day free trial

From $2.87/user/month (billed annually)

iSpring Learn is a digital adoption tool and eLearning platform that provides a comprehensive solution for creating, delivering, and managing online training courses. The software allows users to create interactive courses using various content formats such as presentations, quizzes, videos, and documents. Overall, it aims to simplify the digital adoption process by providing a comprehensive eLearning solution that supports organizations in training their employees and users to use new software tools.

The platform helps organizations in the digital adoption process by providing a user-friendly interface for creating and delivering interactive training courses, including a drag-and-drop editor for course creation—making it accessible for users of all technical levels. It also enables users to deliver courses to learners through a web-based portal or via integration with learning management systems (LMS).

iSpring Learn additionally offers features for tracking learner progress, generating reports, and conducting assessments, as well as for course customization, including branding options and customizable templates.

Integrations include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Bitrix24, Microsoft Outlook, Shopify, Tilda Publishing, BambooHR, and ProctorEdu.

Pricing for iSpring Learn starts at $2.87/user/month (billed annually). A 30-day free trial is also available.



Best DAP for product feature walkthroughs

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
97 reviews

14-day free trial

From $89/month (billed annually)

UserGuiding helps product teams create step-by-step product walkthroughs without requiring any coding. You can also use their software to highlight new features for your customer base to increase their digital adoption.

In addition to improving your feature adoption and overall customer success rate, UserGuiding's software can also help with product redesigns. If your product has been redesigned, you can use UserGuiding to give users the option to explore your new user interface through a guided walkthrough. This is a savvy option for proactively avoiding user confusion if the changes to your user experience are substantial.

Integrations include HubSpot, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Intercom, MixPanel, Segment, Slack, and Woopra.

Paid plans start at $89/month when billed annually.



Best for consumer brands—across mobile and web platforms

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
11 reviews

21-day free trial

From $499/month

Plotline is an in-app engagement platform for consumer brands that provides digital adoption tools such as tooltips, in-app videos, animations, and spotlights. You can use it to communicate with your users in your app and improve new feature adoption within your product. You can craft personalized onboarding flows, create tours and tutorials and highlight new features with their UI template library.

You can also run user feedback surveys right in the system, collecting invaluable insights to inform your product strategy and roadmap. Their segmentation engine allows you to target specific user cohorts with in-app messages.

Integrations include Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Mixpanel, Slack, Clickhouse, Amplitude, Segment, Rudderstack, and OneSignal. Paid plans start from $499 per month, and a 21-day free trial is available.

Paid plans start from $499 per month, and a 21-day free trial is available.


Absorb LMS

Create interactive digital adoption content

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
369 reviews

Free trial + free demo

Pricing upon request

Absorb LMS is a cloud-based learning management system that can be used to improve user adoption through product education and training. You can create, track, and manage online courses for your customers, helping them better understand how to make the most out of your product. The course builder lets you create engaging and interactive courses with multimedia elements like videos, quizzes, and interactive scenarios.

What sets Absorb LMS apart from other tools in the market is its focus on the user experience. It's not just about delivering content, but about creating more engaging and interactive content. With features like gamification, social learning, and personalized learning paths, Absorb LMS makes learning more enjoyable and effective. You can even reward users with badges and certificates, helping to turn new customers into power users.

The software integrates with other tools like Google Suite, Microsoft Azure, Namely, Okta, Salesforce, WebEx, Workday, Zoom, and more. Pricing is available upon request, and a free trial and demo are both offered.



Best for AI-driven knowledge search

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
1289 reviews

30-day free trial + free plan available

From $10/user/month

Guru is a knowledge management tool designed to centralize a company's information and make it easily accessible to its employees. It replaces traditional systems like wikis and intranets by offering a platform where scattered, siloed information is transformed into a single source of truth. 

Guru is recognized as a digital adoption platform that facilitates the organization and retrieval of internal company information. The tool allows users to connect all their apps, documents, and chat histories to enable instant answers through an AI-powered search that is designed to help employees find information across the company's digital landscape quickly. Guru also integrates with various tools and workflows to provide employees with instant access to the collective knowledge of their organization. 

Guru offers many native integrations with third party applications, including Trello, Cognito Forms, Jira Software Cloud, Confluence Cloud, HubSpot, Google Chat, Confluence Server, and GitHub.

Guru costs from $10/user/month. A 30-day free trial and a free plan are also available.


Product Fruits

DAP with detailed adoption analytics

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
66 reviews

14-day free trial

From $89/month

Product Fruit’s step-by-step walkthroughs guide users through complex software processes, helping them understand how to use the software and complete tasks efficiently. Additionally, Product Fruits provides real-time guidance, meaning users can get help as they work, rather than having to stop and consult an external resource.

One standout feature of Product Fruits is its ability to provide personalized guidance to users. The tool tracks individual user behavior and can adapt its guidance based on a user's specific needs and skill level. This feature helps ensure that users are receiving the guidance they need to master new software, regardless of their experience level.

Product Fruits offers integrations with popular software platforms, including Slack, Google Analytics, Heap, Segment, and HubSpot. 

Pricing for Product Fruits begins at $89/month. A 14-day free trial is also available.



Discover pain points within your tech stack

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
107 reviews

Free demo available

Pricing upon request

Apty is digital adoption software that helps get your employees up to speed with new technologies. This ensures you get the most from your software investment.The tool has plenty of analytics features. Managers can see how employees use the software and which business processes work.

You can see technology adoption and how this changes over time. The tool will even highlight the specific points that are causing issues.When you spot a point of friction, it’s easy to create in-app help that guides people past these barriers. This improves employee onboarding, new product adoption, and how people use your existing tools.

The tool works with any web-based application, meaning you can use it across your tech stack.

The company doesn’t advertise pricing, but you can contact the team for a quote via the website.



Full-featured DAP

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
194 reviews

Free Trial

Pricing Upon Request

Whatfix is a digital adoption platform that promises to streamline how people use your product. You can use it with both employees and customers. The software has several helpful features. Flows help you create product tours that are targeted toward specific user segments.

Use these alongside in-app task lists to get users up to speed with your tool. Beacons are another useful feature—these allow your product team to highlight specific features, for example, new releases or updates. Or you can use in-app pop ups with videos to communicate information to all users, while surveys allow you to collect customer opinions without dedicated customer feedback software.

The final feature is knowledge bases. You can build these directly into the app so that users can easily access all they need to use your product.

Thanks to the browser plugin that works with Chrome and Firefox, all these features are easy to use. And you can customize all the content so that it matches your branding.

Whatfix doesn’t advertise pricing, but you can contact the company for a quote.



DAP with user personalization features

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
173 reviews

14-day free trial

From $249/month (billed annually)

Appcues is easy-to-use software that lets you build onboarding flows. It uses no-code tools so anyone can create workflows and publish them within a day.The tool has personalization features so you can build customized journeys. For example, you can create different onboarding workflows depending on the user’s role in the company.

You can show a designer the most relevant features, while leading a manager through the features someone in their role is most likely to use.The tool lets you create checklists with a progress bar that shows customers how far into the onboarding process they are. This automatically updates as they complete more tasks, so they can see exactly how far they have come on their journey with your product.

There are also features designed for introducing users to product updates and new functionality. For example, you can create introductions and product flows to quickly get people up to speed, then add further information via the announcement center.

Appcues starts at $299 per month for up to 2,500 monthly active users. You can get started for free on the website.



DAP software to maximize investment value

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
129 reviews

Free demo

From $2-3000/annually

WalkMe is a digital adoption tool with plenty of features to help you teach employees about your software.The biggest draw is that you can build on-screen experiences that guide users through each step in a process. This helps your team get up to speed with new software or features.

WalkMe also has powerful analytics and reporting. These tools show user behavior such as how long people use different tools and the places where they struggle. Use this to see underutilized apps and build help flows to increase engagement. The tool is easy to use—the no-code platform lets anyone in your team build learning experiences.

It also integrates with plenty of other tools to increase the data you collect. And you can use the tool with any app that uses Amazon Web Services.

The company doesn’t provide pricing, but you can request a quote via the website.

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Compare Software Specs Side by Side

Use our comparison chart to review and evaluate software specs side-by-side.

Compare Software

Other Options

Here are a few more that didn’t make the top list but are worth your consideration.

  1. Usetiful

    DAP with tools for quickly implementing software help

  2. Constructor

    Adoption software that allows companies to create personal learning experiences

  3. Minerva

    AI-powered DAP

  4. Inline Manual

    DAP with easy-to-use visual tour builder

  5. Stonly

    Add product tours to your knowledge base

  6. AppLearn

    Best to instill a self-service culture

  7. SkyPrep

    Best for data-driven reporting to improve learner experience

  8. Pendo

    Create personalized in-app guides based on analytics

  9. Userlane

    Increase your product’s user adoption

  10. Baton

    Manage software implementation and onboarding

  11. Userflow

    Easily create product onboarding workflows

  12. Intellum

    Complete toolkit for creating educational experiences

  13. Lemon Learning

    Digital adoption tool for users and employees

  14. Walnut

    Build personalized product demos to help with sales

  15. OnScreen

    Enterprise digital adoption platform

How I Picked The Best Digital Adoption Software

What do I look for when I select the best digital adoption platform software solution? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

User Interface (UI)

A clean user interface is important for both software users and the people creating the learning experiences.


Funny enough, I see how easy it is to adopt these tools. Therefore, I look at any userguiding products they have, like training videos, knowledge base, and manuals.


I look at the ways in which the platforms can extend their capabilities by connecting with other apps. These could be other cloud-based SaaS tools like Salesforce, or maybe Microsoft software. Integrations come mainly in 3 types: pre-built, custom, and through a third-party vendor.


These tools have high business value. Depending on how you use them, they either increase the value of your software investment or help you keep users for longer. But, you still need to choose one at a price point that makes sense for your business.

What is digital adoption?

Digital adoption is the capacity to learn to use and adopt a new product, whether that is an app, a website, or some other digital product.

Digital adoption is crucial for end-users to have a positive customer experience and the reason why so many companies invest in these platforms to build customizable self-help guides that improve customer success and reduce reliance on customer support tickets and other costly alternatives.

What key features are in digital adoption platforms?

Here are some of the key features I look for when choosing digital adoption software. 

  1. Product tours: Product tours are a type of automation that guide users through your software features from within the app.
  2. Checklists: Checklists keep track of the tasks users need to do to complete onboarding of new technology.
  3. Analytics: Analytics features let you track how people use your app. Use this data to build learning experiences for pain points or track the impact of your efforts. 
  4. No-Code builders: No-code, visual builders make it easy for anyone in your team to create learning experiences for your app.

What is a digital adoption software used for?

A digital adoption platform is a tool with features that encourage people to use the software. It has two main use cases. 

The first is to increase the adoption of the software organizations use in their businesses through onboarding experiences. This ensures companies get maximum value from software investments and is an essential part of digital transformation. It also ensures organizations make the most of the $700 billion spent annually on digital adoption. 

The second use case allows software companies to improve the adoption of their tools. It's especially useful for onboarding new customers or educating existing users about new products. Ultimately, it should lead to a better user experience.

You can use your digital adoption platform alongside product experience management software to improve how people use your tools. 

What Do You Think About This List?

This list includes ten of the best digital adoption platforms, plus a few more thrown in for good measure. 

When deciding on a tool, first choose your use case and look for products with the features you need. You can then take advantage of either free trials or demos to find out more.

For more information about product management, sign up for our newsletter. We send out insightful content every week. You can also check out our list of the best product management tools currently available. 

By Ben Aston

Ben Aston is an online media entrepreneur and founder of Black & White Zebra, an indie media company on a mission to help people and organizations succeed.

Ben applies his expertise in design and strategy to enable businesses to deliver innovative products and services that delight customers. Ben is passionate about understanding customer needs through design research, identifying opportunities based on those insights, and empowering designers and technologists to create solutions. He is driven to develop and uncover new opportunities for clients, establishing strong connections with their customers through product solutions that create lasting value.