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10 Best Free Product Roadmap Tools For Product Managers

When developing a new product, everyone on the team must know where the project is headed. Free product roadmap tools help in planning, prioritizing, and mapping a viable product strategy. Usually delivered as software as a service (SaaS), these tools assist product managers and project management teams in keeping development firmly on track and under control.

In this article, I go over 10 of the best free product roadmap tool options and explain what they do best as well as call out any limitations to their free plan. 

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The Best Free Product Roadmap Tools List

Here’s a shortlist of the best free roadmap tools:

  1. monday.com
  2. StoriesOnBoard
  3. LoopedIn
  4. Craftwork
  5. Joinly
  6. Harvestr
  7. Wrike
  8. ClickUp
  9. Asana
  10. Coda

My Comparison Criteria For The Best Free Tools For Product Roadmap 

What do I look for when I select the best free product roadmapping tools? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): The best product roadmap tool should make it clear where the beginning, middle, and end of the project lie as well as what is required to meet basic milestones along the way. A clean, intuitive layout is essential for this. 
  2. Usability: Is the roadmap tool easy to learn? Can even tech novices quickly plot out product development paths using basic Gantt charts or task progress swimlanes? 
  3. Integrations: A product roadmap is just one step in the product planning process so connecting to other tools for wireframing, collaboration, bug tracking, project management, and so on, are important. Does the roadmapping tool offer free or paid third-party integrations to connect your tech stack easily? 
  4. Freemium limitations: Does the free roadmap tool have any limitations around user numbers, storage limits, history records, or integrations? What are they and do they affect a product manager’s ability to roadmap successfully?

Free Online Product Roadmap Tool: Key Features

  1. Planning tools: a comprehensive set of features to enable complex planning
  2. Project overviews: easy to understand big-picture views for project managers
  3. Product roadmap planner templates: pre-built roadmap designs for fast implementation in accordance with business goals
  4. Resource allocation features: tools to make the best use of human and other resources
  5. Scheduling tools: timelines, calendars and milestones
  6. Drawing tools: for creating roadmaps from scratch
  7. Backlog prioritization tools: features for clearing product bottlenecks
  8. Collaboration/whiteboarding tools: effective team communication options
  9. Agile product roadmap layouts: support for standard development methodologies

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Free Product Roadmap Software

Here’s a brief description of each free product roadmap tool to showcase what each tool does best, including screenshots to highlight some of the features. 

1. monday.com – Best for free product project templates

monday.com Product Roadmap Screenshot
monday.com gives you a clear overview of product features under development.

monday.com is a good choice for product managers who are new to the world of product roadmaps. The management software is user-friendly and offers a simple way to plan and track progress. You can quickly create a product roadmap using one of their 200+ project templates available on their freemium plan or start from scratch.

monday.com’s interface is intuitive and, once your roadmap is set up, it’s easy to visualize project status and intended trajectory. You can use their boards and customizable columns to visualize product status across time. You can even set aside a board dedicated to backlog items so nothing gets forgotten. 

monday.com has a free plan for up to 2 users with limited functionality. For example, Gantt charts, timelines, and calendar views are limited to paid plans. 

2. StoriesOnBoard – Best roadmap tool for customer feedback

StoriesOnBoard lets you organize and view your data so you’re always in control of your product roadmap.

StoriesOnBoard is the product roadmap tool that’ll support Product Managers, Product Owners and Business Analysts throughout the entire product management process from discovery to iteration planning. The tool is designed around product feedback to help teams build products that users actually love.

StoriesOnBoard’s roadmap is built upon extracting real value from customer feedback. The tool allows you to automate feedback collection from customers, users & the dev team into a single repository and organizes them based on custom rules. This way, all your product feedback is sorted in an insightful way. Then, you can collaborate with your team to develop insights into actionable feature ideas which you can share on a public roadmap. The public roadmap lets users validate feature ideas by upvoting them. Iteration planning is also supported by a story map feature.

For feedback collection, StoriesOnBoard integrates with Zapier, Google Chrome or e-mail. As for task management, the app features Jira, Trello, GitHub and Azure integrations.

StoriesOnBoard offers free feedback collection and a public roadmap. Sign up for the 14-day free trial to get started; once the trial expires, you will have full access to customer feedback features but your story roadmap will be read-only (no longer able to edit, but you can view what you have created previously).

3. LoopedIn – Best for announcing updates

LoopedIn Product Roadmap Screenshot
LoopedIn gives you a clear overview of project progress.

LoopedIn recently changed branding from what used to be Productstash. This agile product roadmapping solution helps you create clear, concise roadmaps. The interactive drag and drop interface makes it easy to complete a sequence.

LoopedIn allows team members to submit ideas and add updates and keeps external stakeholders informed of progress. 

A free version is available, with functionality limited to one workspace and one ideas board. 

4. Craftwork – Best for designers and creatives

Craftwork Product Roadmap Screenshot
Craftwork provides wireframe kits for accelerating design-based roadmaps. 

Craftworks is a free product roadmap tool used (most likely in its paid iteration) by the likes of Pinterest, Google, Uber, Walmart, Paypal, and Vimeo. They have a list of 16 free resources that can be used for building a roadmap from scratch or completing roadmap items. 

Craftwork provides a range of tools that can be deployed to create product roadmaps. These include flowcharts, illustration packs, wireframe kits, icons, and graphic sets. Web and app kits are also available to enhance roadmap design. 

Craftwork offers a limited selection of tools for free, from flowcharts to mockups.

5. Joinly – Best for community idea sourcing

Joinly Product Roadmap Screenshot
Joinly allows you to build a community around your product in order to solicit feedback, ideas, and prioritize what you already have on your plate.

Joinly is a community platform that allows product teams to collaborate on projects. You can share ideas, collect feedback and discuss issues. This platform is ideal for startups and small to medium size companies, as it is free forever with no paid subscription options (at the moment).

Joinly offers various methods to solicit community feedback, have people vote on new features, leverage collaboration and commenting, and let interested parties follow your product development Additionally, discussions, channels, and integrations are all coming soon.

Joinly is currently free for use by unlimited members. 

6. Harvestr – Best for customer feedback optimization

Harvestr Product Roadmap Screenshot
Harvestr helps you keep track of your core product roadmap metrics.

Harvestr is a product management platform designed for collaboration that informs decisions according to what real users want. Customer feedback and data can be centralized for easy access, giving product managers a detailed overview of customer needs. 

Features include essential integrations (a Chrome plug-in, email, Zapier), feedback categorization, feedback counts, prioritization tools, and private & public sharing options. Their free roadmapping tool will walk you through building categories, highlighting issues to address, and inviting team members to collaborate. 

Harvestr has a free plan available—limited to one editor, five contributors, and 100 backlog items. 

7. Wrike – Best for outlining goals and milestones

Wrike Product Roadmap Screenshot
Wrike includes visual product roadmap templates.

Wrike includes product roadmap options to help you define objectives, track deliverables, and make better product decisions. The free version lets you access task & subtask management, interactive project boards, spreadsheets, account-wide work schedules, and cloud storage integrations (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, MSFT Office 365, and OneDrive).

You can organize and prioritize product development tasks in the way that suits your organization best—by a team, time period, or function. You can also tag tasks with priority, projected revenue, or other filters. 

Wrike has a free plan available, offering limited features to an unlimited number of users.

8. ClickUp – Best free Gantt charts

ClickUp Product Roadmap Screenshot
ClickUp helps you plan with your product roadmap.

ClickUp is a cloud-based project management and collaboration tool that supports product roadmaps. The software features include communication tools, task assignments, and status alerts. The free plan offers you 100 uses of their Gantt chart building tool, which is great because many product management apps limit this to paid plans. 

You can view projects from an agile dashboard or organize them by the assignee. ClickUp provides a real-time activity stream that displays tasks as they are created and completed. 

ClickUp offers a free plan for unlimited members with unlimited tasks. However, certain action items (like using Gantt charts, mind maps, goals, and dashboards) have a limited number of uses. 

9. Asana – Best for integrations

Asana Product Roadmap Screenshot

Asana is a popular project management system with a wide range of features. Product roadmapping in Asana allows you to align tasks, document backlogs, and obtain a high-level view of project progress. The product roadmap sings as a single source of truth, keeping everyone in the team on the same page. 

Plus, the free plan grants you access to over 100 third-party integrations (paid and unpaid options available), which is something that other tools lock to paid subscriptions. You can link up with time tracking apps, communication tools like Slack, and cloud storage systems.

Asana pricing includes a free plan with up to 3 project views. 

10. Coda – Best for replacing documents and spreadsheets

Coda Product Roadmap Screenshot
Coda product roadmaps give you clear timelines showing what tasks are coming up and who is involved.

Coda is a full-featured project management platform that combines spreadsheets, documents, and product roadmaps into a single system. The software eliminates the need for a maze of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents. 

The product roadmap features are basic but are designed to keep your team moving in the right direction. Coda includes project templates for agile teams in project management, HR, event planning, and sales. 

Coda offers a free plan with limited document sizes.

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Other Free Tools for Product Roadmaps

Here are a few more that didn’t make the top list.

  1. Trello – Best for a board-style visual layout
  2. JIRA – Best for agile teams
  3. Confluence – Best for JIRA users
  4. YouTrack – Best for scrum tools for agile teams
  5. Miro – Best for an online whiteboard solution
  6. Notion – Best for an all-in-one workspace

Need more functionality than free product roadmap tools can offer? You can also try paid roadmap tools like ProductPlan, ProductBoard, Roadmunk, AirFocus, Aha!, and Craft.io. These are more likely to offer advanced features such as Gantt charts, swimlanes, user stories, GitHub features, and visualization. 

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What Do You Think About These Free Tools To Create Product Roadmaps?

Can you undertake professional product development using free product roadmap tools? Or should you really upgrade to paid tools to get the best results? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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