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10 Product Analytics Dashboards For Product Management In 2022

Retaining users is challenging for companies because minor difficulties can result in churn and it is crucial to identify product features that customers dislike. According to customer strategy consulting company thinkJar, 91% of unhappy customers leave a brand without complaining, and identifying the reason behind unsatisfied customers can help improve your retention rate. 

A product analytics dashboard can help you understand how customers use your products and offer insights on how to improve them. This article covers the best product analytics dashboards and how they can help you make the best products for your customers.

Tool Shortlist

Here’s the list of the best product analytics dashboards that I’ll cover in this article. 

  1. Google Analytics  
  2. Quantum Metric  
  3. LogRocket
  4. InnerTrends  
  5. Zoho Analytics
  6. Amplitude  
  7. Heap  
  8. UXCam
  9. Pendo
  10. Mixpanel

Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best product analytics dashboard tools? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): A product analytics dashboard needs to have a clean user interface so users can find the feature they need quickly. 
  2. Usability: Users without an analytics background will be using the product analytics dashboard, so I look for software that any team member can master. 
  3. Integrations: Product teams use other product development tools, so I look for software that will work with them. 
  4. Value for Pricing: I look for software with many features at a reasonable price.

Product Analytics Systems: Key Features

  1. Session replay: Records and replays user sessions to understand how users interact with your products.
  2. Interactive dashboards: Gives users a glimpse of critical metrics and KPIs for easier monitoring. 
  3. Cohort analysis: Allows product teams to group users to understand how different demographics use a product. 
  4. Predictive analytics: The ability to predict how users will act in the future according to how they interact with your product.

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Product Analytics Software Solutions 

Here’s a brief description of each product analytics dashboard solution to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface.

1. Google Analytics – Product analytics dashboard with predictive analytics

Google Analytics – product analytics dashboard - screenshot
Use Google Analytics to create customer groups to target during marketing activities.

Google Analytics is a product analytics dashboard for understanding how people use your app or website. You can use it to find insights about user demographic trends or changes in customer behavior. It has a reporting feature for the real-time monitoring of activities on your site or app. 

Google Analytics is the best product analytics dashboard if you want to know how customers will act in the future because of its predictive capabilities. You can use Google Analytics to determine which customers are in danger of churning or who might be susceptible to an upsell. The tool lets you group information according to users, purchasing actions, and/or app usage and build marketing plans around that data. 

Google Analytics integrates with other Google solutions like Google Ads, Google Cloud, Google Play, and Google Ad Manager. 

Google Analytics has a free version and they offer a paid version with tiered pricing that’s available upon request.

2. Quantum Metric – Product analytics dashboard with a session replay feature

Quantum Metrics – product analytics dashboard - screenshot
Session replay lets you recreate customer sessions and view the errors they encounter while using your product.

Quantum Metric is a product analytics tool for improving products by gathering data from customers’ behavior in-app. It has alerts that notifies you of critical customer actions, like delay or frustration using a specific feature. Quantum Metric offers page analytics for isolating detractors and promoters and the features that drive them.  

Quantum Metric is the best product analytics dashboard with a session replay feature for recreating how customers use your site or app. This feature allows you to see the challenges or errors customers encounter so you can improve underperforming pages. You can use Quantum Metric to capture specific timeframes and share them with team members. Session replays also capture the metadata behind the replay, like user platform or network details and other factors that may have affected customer experience. 

Quantum Metric pricing and a free demo are available upon request.

3. LogRocket – Product analytics dashboard with revenue and funnel insights

Log Rocket – product analytics dashboard - screenshot
LogRocket lets you determine the revenue lost due to customer-impacting issues with your product.

LogRocket is a frontend monitoring and product analytics software. This product analytics platform has a session replay feature for reproducing issues encountered during user sessions. You can use it to monitor frontend performance issues like page load times, browser crashes, or component rendering to see how they affect user engagement and conversion rates. 

LogRocket is the best product analytics dashboard with revenue and funnel insights to identify issues that lead to lost conversions. This product analytics software gives you the option to analyze the entire conversion funnel and understand how issues affect customers in different stages of their journey. You can use this tool to calculate the value of potential revenue losses from issues as well as potential revenue gain associated with future bug fixes. 

LogRocket has a free forever plan for up to 1,000 sessions. Pricing for the paid versions starts at $99/month/for up to 10,000 sessions. LogRocket offers a 14-day free trial.

4. InnerTrends – Product analytics dashboard with cohort analysis feature

InnerTrends – product analytics dashboard - screenshot
InnerTrends lets you group users and monitor their behavior like account creation, onboarding, and sales transactions.

InnerTrends is a product analytics dashboard for monitoring metrics throughout a customer journey. It has pre-built reports to help you save time collecting data about product usage and value. InnerTrends’ pre-built reports have recommendations to help you visualize product feature impacts and conversion results. This product analytics platform lets you initiate account-based analysis to understand client value across their lifetime. 

InnerTrends is the best product analytics dashboard with a cohort analysis feature for understanding how customer segments use your product. You can use cohort analysis to group users based on shared traits like newly onboarded accounts or geographic area. You can then monitor and analyze customer actions to pinpoint unused or overused features according to target audience type.

InnerTrends integrates with other product analytics tools like Google BigQuery, Rudderstack, and Segment. 

InnerTrends has a free forever plan with limited features. Pricing for the paid plans starts at $79/month/user. They also offer a 14-day free trial.

5. Zoho Analytics – Product analytics dashboard with an AI assistant feature

Zoho Analytics – product analytics dashboard - screenshot
Zoho Analytics has an AI assistant to help you gain actionable insights from raw data.

Zoho Analytics is a data analytics software for analyzing product usage to uncover opportunities and resolve pain points. You can use Zoho Analytics to create data visualizations for use in presentations or for sharing with important stakeholders. Zoho Analytics has a mobile app version that works on iOS and Android devices. 

Zoho Analytics has an AI assistant called Zia to get actionable insights and visualizations from your raw data. Zia has a predictive analysis feature that can anticipate user trends, such as churn rate due to troublesome or undeveloped [product features. You can embed Zia into your app or website and learn about the customer journey as they use your product in real time. 

Zoho Analytics integrates with other product analysis tools, including QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Google Ads, and SurveyMonkey.

Zoho Analytics pricing starts at $24/month/for up to two users and they offer a 15-day free trial.

6. Amplitude – Product analytics dashboard for measuring customer engagement

Amplitude – product analytics dashboard - screenshot
Amplitude lets you measure customer engagement by identifying how and when users are interacting with your product.

Amplitude is a product analytics software for tracking user behavior and gaining insights into product improvement opportunities. This data analytics tool has a “milestone analysis” feature that determines the key factors that lead to customers making high-value actions, like buying into upsell opportunities or upgrading their product subscriptions. 

Amplitude is the best product analytics dashboard for measuring net promoter score (NPS) without using the typical self-report surveys, which can be unreliable. This tool lets you track user behavior while using your product, such as customers signing up for an account or completing a purchase. Amplitude can also help you improve retention rates by identifying pain points of churn victims. 

Amplitude has a free forever plan with limited features. Pricing for paid plans and a free demo is available upon request.

7. Heap – Product analytics dashboard for improving product adoption

Heap – product analytics dashboard - screenshot
Heap lets you identify key events and features that spur product adoption.

Heap is a digital insights platform to monitor what is happening in your product, app, or website and how these events affect your revenues. It has interactive dashboards to keep all team members aligned toward achieving the same core metrics and goals. This product analytics tool has a built-in performance monitoring feature to alert you upon detecting fluctuations in KPIs.  

Heap is the best product analytics dashboard if you want to identify behaviors that signify 

long-term value and improve product adoption. Heap can help you isolate and eliminate features that prevent users from adopting your product. You can then use this product analytics software to create a roadmap for customers with product adoption and activation in mind.  

Heap integrates with other tools, including Marketo, Intercom, Optimize, and Salesforce. 
Heap is a free product analytics tool for up to 10,000 sessions and one project per month. The pricing for paid plans starts at $3,600/license/year.

8. UXCam – Product analytics dashboard with a click heatmap feature

UXCam – product analytics dashboard - screenshot
UXCam uses heatmaps to show where users tap on the screen and identify rage gestures indicating potential frustration.

UXCam is a product analytics dashboard for mobile applications. It has a screen flow feature to see how customers engage with your mobile app and identify drop-off points that could be better optimized. UXCam uses machine learning to analyze the user experience and automatically uncover issues your product team might have missed. 

UXCam is the best product analytics dashboard for identifying features or layouts that cause customer frustration with the help of its heatmaps. This helps identify customer behavior within the app to pinpoint design elements you can improve upon. Click heatmaps also enable you to identify features that customers frequently use and use them as selling points to attract new users. 

You can connect your EXCam to a paid Zapier account to access premium apps and tools. 

UXCam has a free version with limited features for up to 10,000 sessions per month. Pricing details for paid plans are available upon request. They offer a 14-day free trial for paid plans.

9. Pendo – Product analytics tool with a resource wiki builder

Pendo – product analytics dashboard - screenshot
Pendo allows you to gain insights into how customers use your website or mobile app to aid you in decision-making.

Pendo is a product adoption platform used by companies like  Cisco, Marketo, Zendesk, ADP, and OpenTable, to name a few. It lets you create tooltips or walkthroughs to promote seldom-used but valuable features. You can also use Pendo to set retention goals, track active accounts, watch adoption trends, and report on user behavior. 

Pendo is the best product analytics dashboard if you want to address product analytics data with in-app wikis, resources, and self-help modules. Pendo helps you identify customer needs and pain points and then gives you space to build out comprehensive walkthroughs to guide customers through these areas with ease.  

Pendo integrates with other product analytics tools like G2 Reviews, Twilio Segment, and Fullstory. 

Pendo has a free version with limited features for up to 1,000 active monthly users, and they provide pricing information for paid plans and a free demo upon request.

10. Mixpanel – Product analytics dashboard with custom real-time alerts feature

Mixpanel – product analytics dashboard - screenshot
Mixpanel lets you analyze customer paths to understand what drives customer conversion.

Mixpanel is a business analytics platform for tracking user interactions to improve engagement and retention. It has an insight reporting feature to see popular features and how they affect customer conversion. You can connect Mixpanel to a data source or data warehouse to analyze business intelligence from various sources. It has interactive dashboards your team can use to monitor metrics and key performance indicators. 

You can use Mixpanel to uncover the paths that loyal users take to improve conversion rates. The feature also lets you identify high-performing segments and the features customers find attractive. The tool identifies the features customers use that resulted in churn so your product team can improve them. Mixpanel also lets you re-engage potential churn customers to convert them with improved features.  

You can integrate Mixpanel with a data warehouse or product analytics tools like Google Cloud, AB Tasty, Amazon Web Services, and Apptimize. 

Mixpanel has a free plan with limited features for up to 100,000 monthly tracked users. Pricing for the paid plans starts at $25/month/account.

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Other Options

Here are a few more that didn’t make the top list.

  1. Dragonboat – Product portfolio management software for strategizing, prioritizing, delivering, and improving products. 
  2. Tableau – Visual analytics platform for analyzing business intelligence. 
  3. SimilarWeb – Web analytics SaaS for understanding your competitor’s web traffic and performance. 
  4. Hotjar – Product experience tool to discover user needs using heatmaps. 
  5. Open Web Analytics – Free and open-source web analytics for tracking how people use your website. 
  6. Matomo – Web analytics software for generating reports on your website and its users.

What Do You Think About This List?

A product analytics dashboard can help you understand how customers use your products so you can leverage useful features and improve features that customers ignore. You can use the software to gain insights into why customers are not converting so you can implement product improvements to improve conversion rates and generate more revenue. 

There are other software and tools you can use to gain more customers and improve your company’s financial health, and you can read about them when you subscribe to The Product Manager.

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