Best Product Management Meetup Groups

Are you one of those product managers that are always looking for engaging in high-level discussions, sharing ideas and knowledge, and in the meantime, having some fun? Just so you know, you are not alone. There are a bunch of guys just like you out there and the best way to meet those people – and increase your gang of fellow product managers – is to put in an appearance in meetup groups.

Meetups usually meet once a month to discuss tools, methodologies, best practices and challenges in the land of product management. It’s usually a chance to get together, support and mentor each other, discuss ways to solve common problems, and – of course – have fun!

So, check out our list with some of the best product management meetup groups:

US Product Manager Meetups

New York




UK Product Manager Meetups



Australia Product Manager Meetups



Russia Product Manager Meetups


Canada Product Manager Meetups


France Product Manager Meetups


Singapore Product Manager Meetups

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