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Product analytics certification lets employers know you’re well-versed in analytics and data-driven decision-making. While some of these are good to have on your linkedin for the cert provider’s credibility and recognition, others come with additional perks like value-filled courses and community access. 

Here are four of the most notable product analytics certifications to consider:

1. Product Analytics Micro-Certification (PAC)

The PAC is a certification provided by Product School and Mixpanel, a product analytics tool. To get the certificate, you’ll have to complete the online course and a final exam at the end. The course itself includes video lectures, case studies, and exercises. You can take this at your own pace—once you sign up, you’ll have lifetime access to all the course content. You can also take the exam as many times as you want to ensure you’ve really acquired the knowledge. 

Product School is generally well-recognized by the industry, so this certificate is a good credential to have for product managers entering the field and will provide a solid foundation to product analytics. Though the course revolves around Mixpanel as its tool of choice, so it doesn’t go through a wide range of tools.

Cost: Free

What you’ll learn: 

  • Introduction
    • General Introduction
    • Prerequisites
    • Getting Started: Setting up Mixpanel for Learning (6:16)
    • Case Study (1:37)
  • Build & Analyze Your Own Behavioral Metrics
    • Introduction
    • The Right Data in the Right Tool (10:28)
    • The Taxonomy (5:47)
    • Framing Good Questions (8:32)
    • Creating Clear Visualizations (3:59)
    • Sharing Your Work With Dashboards (2:47)
    • Conclusion
  • Acquisition Metrics
    • Funnels (13:28)
    • Trend Spotting (9:20)
    • Conclusion
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2. Product Analytics—Drive Value from Product Data

This product analytics certification is provided by Kellogg School of Management. The certification is the result of a 6-week program that requires 4-6 hours of commitment a week. The course includes live webinars, case studies, program support, and office hours. You’ll have to check the website to find out when the next course begins and enroll accordingly. 

Taught by Birju Shah, Clinical Professor of Marketing at Kellogg and Ex-head of Global Uber AI & ML, the course will teach you data visualization and help you make data-driven decisions when launching and building products.

This certificate program is suitable for product managers, product owners, and product marketing managers. It’s also a great course for engineers and data scientists looking to track product performance to gain better insights; entrepreneurs who need it for business analysis; and anyone in the digital marketing space. 

Cost: US $2,600 (special discount for groups) 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Your Data Vision: What It Means and Why It Is Valuable
  • Product Data Frameworks and Workflows
  • Everything Product Analytics: How Do I Execute a Data-Driven Product?
  • Organizing and Presenting the End Result
  • Visualizing Product Analytics
  • Optimizing and Automating Product Data

3. Product Analytics 101

This product analytics 101 certification is provided by The Product Folks, a product management community. You’ll receive a certificate after completing their online course. The course includes live sessions by Matthew Brandt, the Interim Head of Business Insights at Penta, and several guest speakers. 

This course is meant for mostly beginners looking to learn the basics of product analytics and specifically for those who are looking for a community to be a part of. While it is unclear how impactful the certification itself is, the course does include free access to the community which could be useful in networking.

Cost: Free

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to Build Habit-forming Products
  • Product Analytics 101
  • Dive Deeper Into Product Analytics Tools
  • Everything About Metrics
  • Hands-On workshop with Amplitude
  • Cohort Analysis
  • How to ace the interviews and grow in Product Analytics

4. Product Analytics And Iteration

This product analytics course is provided by Cornell University. This is a 2-week online course led by industry experts and requires 3-5 hours of commitment a week. This course is best for product managers with less than 5 years of experience, entrepreneurs, business and data analysts, and anyone looking to transition into the tech industry.

While this is a well-recognized university-level course, it is also part of a larger product management certification. This means you’ll only be able to get the certification after you’ve completed the entire set of product management courses. The perk is that the certification will show that you have comprehensive product management knowledge from product vision, roadmapping, prototyping, to analytics, and product launch. A downside is that you’ll also have to complete specific courses before you can take the product analytics section. 

Cost: From US $3,600

Courses you need to take before enrollment:

  • Developing a Product Hypothesis and User Personas
  • Product Vision and Goals
  • Product Roadmapping
  • Product Prototyping

Learn More About Product Analytics

If you’re looking for more information on product analytics, check out the following resources:

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