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10 Most Popular Product Management Certifications & Courses

If you work in product management, you know learning is never-ending, which is why these product management certifications and courses are important. Technology and best practices are always advancing and it is paramount that those in the field stay up to date across the board. There are always new things to learn no matter how long you have been in the field and plenty of product management courses and certifications to work towards that not only keep you up to date but also help build your CV and boost your LinkedIn profile to advance your product management career.

Overviews Of The Best Product Management Certification Programs

1. Product Management Course Bundle

This course bundle from PM Loop covers everything you need to know if you are looking for product manager training. It teaches tools, strategies, teamwork, and even interview training. It also includes in-depth training on product strategy, feature prioritization, and creating product roadmaps.

Price: $396
Duration: 4 courses
Exam Required: No
Online, In-person, Both: Online
How Many Hours of Instruction: 6 hours
Requirements: Be working in the field

2. Certified Product Manager Online Course

This course from 280 Group looks at how to manage products through each stage of the product lifecycle. It includes study content, articles, quizzes, interactive portions, and practice exams. You’ll also learn about product marketing and market research, which is useful if you are interested in specializing as a product marketing manager. Other topics include product management skills and new product launches.

Price: $1495-2495
Duration: 18 modules done in your own time or in 8 weeks
Exam Required: Certification exam – 2 chances
Online, In-person, Both: Online
How Many Hours of Instruction: 15-20
Requirements: Be working in the field or a desire to enter the field

3. Software Product Management

This training course from Coursera is designed for those working in the software product development field and is not for those looking to do digital product management. It focuses on agile software methodology.

Price: Free to enroll and audit – Inquire about fees
Duration: 6 modules
Exam Required: No – Hands-on Project
Online, In-person, Both: Online
How Many Hours of Instruction: 8 hours per week/3 months
Requirements: Working in the software field

4. Product Management Training

A training course from Udemy that teaches the fundamentals of product management and how to use those tools. The perfect choice to advance your career in this field, as it covers a wide range of topics, strategies, and tools. It covers all types of project methodologies, including scrum, agile, waterfall, and Kanban. You’ll also learn design thinking, communicating effectively with the team members such as developers and engineers, and user experience best practices. 

Price: $199
Duration: No set completion
Exam Required: No
Online, In-person, Both: Online
How Many Hours of Instruction: 5 hours
Requirements: None but knowledge of business concepts is a help

5. Master of Product Management

This is a Master of Science in Product Management from the Tepper School of Business and School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University that is above and beyond your engineering degree. It focuses on working at product development for growth and boosts your hiring potential and salary grade.

Price: $125 to apply, $2500 deposit if accepted
Duration: 12 months
Exam Required: Yes
Online, In-person, Both: Both, mostly in person
How Many Hours of Instruction: Undefined
Requirements: Bachelor of Engineering

6. Product Manager Degree

This product school program from the Institute of Product Leadership works at making senior managers into C-suite execs. There is a focus on strategic decision making, leadership skills in executive roles, and the ability to effectively execute your role and skills.

Price: $1000 deposit + yearly costs per course (undefined for those outside of Asia)
Duration: 18 months
Exam Required: Yes + entrance application and test
Online, In-person, Both: In-person
How Many Hours of Instruction: Undefined
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree + 5 years of experience in the field

7. Product Strategy Program

This program from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University is for managers looking to become more hands-on in the project manager role. The course includes lectures, webinars, case studies, and more. You get one-on-one help and a product management certification when you finish the program.

Price: $2600
Duration: 2 months, 4-6 hours each week
Exam Required: Ongoing assignments
Online, In-person, Both: Online
How Many Hours of Instruction: Undefined
Requirements: Background in business

8. Certified Product Manager

These CPM certification courses from the AIPMM are well known and will not only improve your skillset but also bolster your career outcomes. It improves your CV as a product manager or product owner, as well as your chances of new and challenging management jobs.

Price: Varies depending on the school of choice
Duration: 2 months, 4-6 hours each week
Exam Required: Final for certification
Online, In-person, Both: Both
How Many Hours of Instruction: Undefined depending on course
Requirements: Background in business

9. Product Management Online Certification

Coursework from Brainstation focused on management level problem solving, the product development process, market strategy, agile team management, and building great products. Enjoy live lectures online and working and interacting with your peers.

Price: $1950
Duration: 5 weeks
Exam Required: Hands-on project
Online, In-person, Both: Online
How Many Hours of Instruction: Varies due to peer work and online lectures
Requirements: Background in business

10. Product Management Certificate

eCornell presents this program for becoming a certified product manager that fits into your current career and schedule. It consists of six courses completed online to help learn product roadmaps, creating prototypes, documenting target customer personas, and bringing products to launch. 

Price: $3600
Duration: 6 courses over 3 months
Exam Required: No
Online, In-person, Both: Online
How Many Hours of Instruction: 3 to 5 hours per week
Requirements: Be working in the field or a related field

Final Thoughts

There are courses for all levels and standards of product manager certification, from a basic project manager certification up to a master’s degree. Deciding on the most valuable certification for you depends on what you are looking for in the next phase of your career as a successful product manager. 

There are different goals depending on the industry you are in and where your professional goals are set, but adding a certified product manager credential to your CV will only increase your opportunities. Some focus on management while others aim for the C-Suite positions. Some are new to the profession and others have been in the industry for years. It is best to decide the path you want to take and talk to your employer to see if they expect certain qualifications for you as their employee.

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