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The field of product management is always changing and advancing. Competition within the industry becomes tougher and products need to be developed faster while still meeting customer demands.

A product management conference is a great way to learn the latest in the product field. Below is a list of the best product management conferences to attend in 2022. These conferences offer insights and new ideas and give you a chance to network with others in the field. 

9 Product Management Conferences To Level Up Your Career In 2022

1. Mind the Product San Francisco

Mind the Product SF is the conference for passionate product people.

When: May 24-25 2022, June 15-17, 2022, and October 13-14, 2022
Where: Online & In-Person
Price: Ticket prices range from $499 to $1,499

Mind the Product is hosting a hybrid #mtpcon in San Francisco ( May 24-25 2022), an interactive #mtpengage in Hamburg ( June 15-17, 2022) with leadership training sessions, and another hybrid #mtpcon in London (October 13-14, 2022)

Wondering whether it’s worth it to attend?

Here’s high praise from Marty Cagan, founder of Silicon Valley Product Group, and the godfather of modern product management:

I believe there are very few product conferences that are actually useful. One of my favorite exceptions to this is Mind The Product.

Marty Cagan, founder of Silicon Valley Product Group

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2. ProductCon


When: May 10, 2022, September, 2022, November, 2022
Where: San Francisco, London, and New York
Price: Free for Online Viewing, $399 Super Early Bird, and $2,395 for a team of 5

ProductCon is hosting 3 events this year in the following locations: San Francisco (May 10, 2022), London (September, 2022), New York (November, 2022). ProductCon great for product managers as they continue learning about best practices and upcoming trends in the industry. Some of the companies present will be recruiting for new product managers as well and you can even watch some of the sessions online with early registration.

3. Design At Scale

Scaling in the Face of Uncertainty

When: June 8-10, 2022
Where: Virtual
Price: Tickets cost from $645 to $1,195

Here’s a conference for UX team leaders and middle to senior UX management for large businesses. The conference focuses on increasing skill sets and becoming ready to take on large enterprises and work with other teams in product management, CX, and areas where customer experience is affected.

4. UX & Product Management Case Study Conference

3 days • 16 talks with audience-led Q&A, 800+ product designers and managers

When: April 6-8, 2022
Where: Salt Lake City, UT
Price: Tickets cost from $450 to $700

This conference is targeted at designers and product managers and focuses on the ability of people to share, network, and learn from others. There will be 14 talks, two Q&A sessions, and over 1,000 people in attendance who are also looking for networking opportunities.

5. An Event Apart Seattle

Online Together: Spring Summit

When: April 18-20, 2022
Where: Online (US Central timezone)
Price: Tickets cost from $325 to $950

This product design conference is for UX professionals, developers, and designers and offers digital design, UX, content, code, and more—featuring 15+ in-depth sessions, Q&A with the speakers, special After Hours sessions, and more. 

6. Industry the Product Conference

When: September 19-21, 2022 and October 18, 2022
Where: New York, and Online
Price: Tickets cost from $885 to $2,195


People in product management who are looking to build, launch, and scale top of the industry software products should check out this conference. It highlights the latest trends, methods, tools, and basis to create and launch the software. INDUSTRY Global returns to Cleveland, Ohio on September 19-21, 2022. 3 days with 1,200 other product people from around the world.

7. Forrester B2B Summit

When: May 2-4, 2022
Where: Austin, Texas and Online
Price: $2895

Align. Advance. Accelerate.

This conference is for B2B professionals focused on product development, marketing, and sales. It features keynote speakers and Q&A sessions and looks at best practices. It’s a great opportunity to learn and network while tracking market trends with 4,000 others in the field.

8. Pulse Everywhere 2022

Learn how to Deliver Outcomes and Experiences at Scale

When: August 17-18, 2022
Where: Moscone Center in San Francisco
Price: Ticket go on sale in March.

Pulse conferences focus on customer success, product management, and networking. It attracts some of the best minds in the business to present leading-edge ideas. If you are part of the industry, then this is a great option for you. Best practices, peer networking, and speakers who are at the top of the industry are all here.

9. UX Strat Europe 2022

When: June 13-15, 2022
Where: Amsterdam
Price: Ticket prices are available upon request.

This conference is for anyone in the area of business strategy, user experience, and design a is a great place to network, see great presentations, and attend workshops. It’s a stellar opportunity to see cutting edge speakers and network with peers who can enhance your work.

Which Product Management Conference Would You Add To This List?

What do you think of this product management conference list? Any good ones that I left out? Please share in the comments!

These product management conferences are a great opportunity for learning and networking. Thanks to advancing technology, the industry is changing quickly. People working in the field should always look for ways to stay up to date, whether it is attending a conference or subscribing to The Product Manager newsletter.

No matter your level of experience in product management, you should never stop learning and growing within the field. The more peer support and education you have, the better your career will be along with the company you work for.

By Ben Aston

Ben Aston is an online media entrepreneur and founder of Black & White Zebra, an indie media company on a mission to help people and organizations succeed.

Ben applies his expertise in design and strategy to enable businesses to deliver innovative products and services that delight customers. Ben is passionate about understanding customer needs through design research, identifying opportunities based on those insights, and empowering designers and technologists to create solutions. He is driven to develop and uncover new opportunities for clients, establishing strong connections with their customers through product solutions that create lasting value.