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If you've resolved to invest in your career this year, attending product management conferences is the way to go.

Conferences help expand your professional network and gain new perspectives. I've always felt that conferences have helped me "install new lenses" in my product management journey.

Better yet, networking with PMs from other verticals can supplement your unique product management journey—especially in a new and exciting location!

Here’s my lineup of the best product management conferences to attend in 2024.

2024 Conference List: Month-by-Month

I’ve listed a total of 23 conferences, with some of them being part of a conference series hosted by the same parent organization.

Here’s a snapshot of what 2024 has in store for product management geniuses like you. Following this list, you'll find more details about what makes each conference unique.


No conferences listed for January.




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No conferences listed for July.






No conferences listed for December.

More Details on the Best Product Management Conferences to Attend in 2024

1. Mind the Product

"Mind the Product London is the conference for passionate product people."

When: October 22-23, 2024

Where: London

Price: Yet to be announced.

The #mtpcon hosts over 1000 attendees, promising a fantastic networking opportunity.

This is the perfect two-day conference to catalyze your PM career growth and gain new insights. You will get to meet PM experts from various verticals and grasp the finer nuances of product management.

I loved the Going from 0 to 1 Product discovery talk from the 2023 edition hosted in San Francisco. 

Here’s high praise from Marty Cagan, founder of Silicon Valley Product Group, popularly dubbed as the godfather of modern product management:

"I believe there are very few product conferences that are actually useful. One of my favorite exceptions to this is Mind The Product." 





2. ProductCon

"The largest product management conference in the world!"

February 20, 2024London$1453
May 29, 2024New York$1162
August 2024Virtual$162

The popular product management upskilling platform Product School is the organizing team behind ProductCon. This conference enables product managers to glean best practices and unravel upcoming trends.

If you’re not in town for an event, check out the free virtual tickets that ProductCon offers.





3. Product-Led Summit

"Supercharge your product strategies."

February 13-14, 2024Austin, TX$895/person (for teams of 3+) | $1095/person (Gold pass)
March 20-21, 2024New York$895/person (for teams of 3+) | $1095/person (Gold pass)
May 8-9, 2024Amsterdam$871/person (for teams of 3+) | $981/person (Gold pass)
May 22-23, 2024Las Vegas$795/person (for teams of 3+) | $895/person (Gold pass)
September 4-5, 2024San Francisco$795/person (for teams of 3+) | $895/person (Gold pass)
October 4, 2024Berlin$713/person (for teams of 3+) | $762/person (Gold pass)
October 30-31, 2024Sydney$674/person (for teams of 3+) | $877/person (Gold pass)
November 7, 2024Singapore$895/person (for teams of 3+) | $995/person (Gold pass)
November 27-28, 2024London$880/person (for teams of 3+) | $1006/person (Gold pass)

The Product-Led Alliance (PLA) is a staple name in the world of product management. PLA hosts the annual Product-Led Summit, a unique opportunity to leverage the priceless expertise of renowned PMs. Meeting industry leaders from various companies will instill fresh perspectives and frameworks you could apply to address your unique product management challenges. 

The Product-Led Summit conference series will take place in several major cities worldwide. Each conference will feature a different set of product management leaders. Check out the individual event pages to learn more about the speaker panel.




4. ProductWorld

"Make that leap in your career this leap year."

When: February 21-29, 2024

Where: SF Bay area

Price: $745 early/$990 regular

The ProductWorld conference touches upon all major pillars of product management, including product development lifecycle, roles, responsibilities, and career upskilling. The conference tracks include success stories, agile methodologies, and roundtable talks. 

The 2024 lineup includes top management personnel from companies like Walmart, Oracle, Kinesso, Square, and several other notable ones.


5. Industry the Product Conference

"The place to be for software product managers."

When WherePrice
April 18, 2024New York$495
June 17-19, 2024Dublin$815
September 23-25, 2024Cleveland$745
October 17, 2024Virtual$299

Building software products that people love is no easy feat. The INDUSTRY conference opens your eyes to the latest frameworks, tools, and methods for building the best software products. 

Sahil Lavingia (Founder of Gumroad) and Denis Crowley (Founder of Foursquare) are in the star-studded speaker lineup for 2024. 

6. La Product Conf

"The Parisian Product Fest."

When: May 15, 2024

Where: Paris

Price: $614 (Early bird price)

The LPC 2024 conference will gather over a thousand product management professionals in Paris. With 20+ talks, you will receive several new insights into how industry leaders excel at product management. 

The 2023 edition featured several founders and CPOs, comprising a comprehensive product management think tank. 



7. Leading the Product

"Learn the art of product disruption."

When & Where: May 16, 2024 (Sydney) | May 24, 2024 (Melbourne)

Price: $795

LTP 2024 is all about instilling diverse perspectives from leading PMs. The conference promises actionable insights you can apply in your world of product management. The conference theme is product disruption and how you can proactively foster innovation in your field. 


8. PDMA Conference

"Connecting Innovators Worldwide"

When: September 14-17, 2024

Where: St. Louis, Missouri

Price: $1395

The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) boasts a stellar community of industry leaders. The PDMA annual conference focuses on uniting PM leaders and presents a great networking opportunity across product development, innovation, and design.




9. Pendomonium

When: October 7-9, 2024

Where: Raleigh, NC

Price: Yet to be decided

Pendo took the product analytics world by storm with its robust SaaS platform. Pendomonium is an amazing opportunity to grasp what makes a great SaaS product. Pendo’s senior management folks make up a chunk of the keynote speakers’ lineup. 

Check out the highlights of Pendomonium 2023.




Final Thoughts

Attending PM conferences will definitely widen your perspectives into the fascinating world of product management.

This new year, embrace change! Conferences can open your eyes and change your approach to product management.

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By Joshua Solomon

Joshua Solomon is a former product manager at a top telecom firm. He has amassed a great wealth of experience in roadmap creation, user story prioritization, cross-functional collaboration and other nuances of product management.