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Top 7 Companies To Land A Product Management Internship

Landing a product management internship is not always easy, but there are lots of great companies looking for enthusiastic people.

If you are hoping to get into the product management field, there are some great opportunities at some high-end companies. A product management internship may be open to you at a company you would never have thought of. 

Below is a list of companies that have internships available and that also get good reviews from the people they hire for those positions. They treat their interns well while offering a great paid learning opportunity.

1. Dell

Dell offers lots of interning opportunities around the world. They are very student-focused and offer internships in most areas of the company. The opportunity to move beyond an intern placement is good as they are looking for the best of their interns to carry on as full-time employees. To be a project management intern, simply follow their application process and check out the FAQ.

  • Runs 10-12 weeks
  • Approximately $24 per hour
  • For undergrads and those with MBAs
  • Combined internships with project management and internal consulting with a focus on business optimization

2. GE (General Electric)

GE offers product manager internships around the world and many of these opportunities ultimately lead to full-time work. They use training programs that move you from interning to full-time positions, gaining further learning and establishment in the company. If you are a hard worker and looking to move beyond school into a solid company, GE offers the opportunity to do that there are internships available.

  • Runs 6 months
  • For those enrolled in college or university pursuing a BA or Masters
  • Interactive role working in production management with field implementation, safety and product management.

3. L’Oréal

This company has lots of opportunities for a product manager intern or a product development intern. Simply use their search engine and you will find a list of opportunities that are even better if looking beyond the US. Their programs start with interning but can lead to management training and even the opportunity to complete a graduate degree. All of these are paid positions.

  • Can run for up to 12 months
  • Great opportunities if you are bilingual
  • Many in France if you are looking to travel
  • Pays at approx. $20-22 per hour
  • Can lead to a management trainee program
  • There are seasonal internships as well

4. Facebook

A Facebook product management internship is a great opportunity. They are big on community and helping you be the best you can be and you will have a mentor who helps you succeed. There are also opportunities to return once you have completed your internship. Facebook offers real work, real money, and real experience. They are ranked in the top companies for quality internships around the world. Whether you are looking for something in the US or overseas, take a look at the many opportunities. They are a great addition to any CV.

  • Paired one on one with a mentor
  • Real projects
  • Housing assistance
  • Lots of fun

5. Google

Google is so big, many of us would never think to look for opportunities due to fear of massive competition but, in reality, they offer some great product management internship opportunities along with others that deal with product management strategy as well. They are international and accept people from diverse backgrounds and schools. A great opportunity to learn, grow and be challenged. An internship can lead to other Google programs as well to further your budding career.

  • MBA students get paid approx. $8200 per month
  • Global opportunities
  • Real work and pay – begin projects on day one
  • Various start dates and times based on locations and projects
  • Product marketing manager program available to some after an internship

6. Newell Brands

Newell Brands is not a name that we know as well as Google or Facebook but its products are something we have all used. Paper Mate pens, Elmer’s Glue, and other everyday products are all part of this high-end company. Newell offers internships throughout the summers in all areas of the company. They have mentors and lots of opportunities to learn from the staff seniors and more.

  • Pay is $15-$20 per hour
  • 12 Week program
  • Apply through your university
  • Lots of feedback throughout your time there

7. Under Armour

This company offers seasonal opportunities for their “summer league”. There are many internships available including those that will give you product management experience. They offer mentors and extra learning opportunities with their execs and expect top-notch work and lots of interest and curiosity. It is not just a boring nine to five job. They help you develop real skills for the world ahead.

  • Pay is from $15-20 per hour
  • 12 weeks long
  • Same training as corporate employees
  • Potential for future jobs
  • Mostly based in Baltimore

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to get your foot in the door while you are in school, finding a product management internship is really helpful. There are many companies both large and small that have great programs to help you build up your CV as well as teaching you the ropes of your chosen profession.  You may ask how to get an internship with no experience but in reality, you don’t need practical experience for some of them. There is generally some expectation that you will be in school or are finishing up a related program. Some are looking for BA’s and others require master’s degrees. Some companies will even help you get graduate degrees while doing an internship.

Many companies pay well, mentor, and teach many of the things you need in the business world when it comes to being a product development intern. A quick search of good internship opportunities helps you find one near you or somewhere around the globe to enhance your experience. If you are just starting out, the more info you have, the better the opportunities you can find.

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