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10 Product Management Podcasts No PM Should Miss in 2023

Product management podcasts are a great way to listen and learn from other experienced product managers on the go.

Start by tuning into a few of these popular product management podcast episodes and see what hits home—you'll learn about user experience, product marketing, leading product teams, leveraging new technology, and steering the product management field into the future.

Here are some of my favorite product management podcasts that help answer questions and keep you in the know.

1. The Product Manager Podcast hosted by Michael Luchen

Discover with us how to do Product Management better. We’re a Product Management community exploring the best in product strategy and vision, product development frameworks, customer research, startups, and more.

Don’t Miss this Episode:

Cultivating Momentum (with Paul Ortchanian from Bain Public) – Listen to learn how to cultivate momentum at product teams.

2. The Product Podcast hosted by Product School

A good podcast channel that highlights the best of the best. You get content from people at Google, Facebook, and lots of other huge tech companies. It is for both newbies and advanced PM’s.

Don’t Miss this Episode:

Why it doesn’t have to be crazy at work with David Heinemeier Hansson – Digs into talking about your company as a product and looking for new role models in tech.

3. PRODMGMT Talk  with Cindy F. Solomon

This podcast has lots of support from Silicon Valley and beyond looking at user experience, innovation, and marketing with a bit of focus on the team wellbeing. A happy team makes for a better product.

Discover how to lead product teams and build better products.

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Don’t Miss this Episode:

The right way to manage the change innovation brings – Change is hard, and people struggle with it. We need to work at a change in the institutions that resist it.

4. GTD with David Allen

A podcast all about getting things done. Practical ideas and suggestions using GTD methods to up your business productivity. Learning to prioritize.

Don’t Miss this Episode:

Episode 53: An Overview of GTD – Looking at the key principals and making informed choices with it.

5. Inside Intercom hosted by various experts

A good collection of podcasts from various speakers who know what they are talking about. They look at start-ups, marketing, growth, design, customer experience, and sales.

Don’t Miss this Episode:

Intercom on Product: Understanding your customer is key to good product judgment – Hone your product judgment skills through collecting user feedback and create products that actually bring value and solve problems.

6. The Productivity Show hosted by various experts

A weekly podcast that looks beyond just product management skills into how to be more productive in life and manage your time well while also setting goals and making yourself happier.

Don’t Miss this Episode:

3 Ways To Keep Your Momentum Going This Year – Set you and your team up for success with these three tips.

7. The LaunchNotes Podcast with Blake Thorne and Steve Klein

The LaunchNotes Podcast features in-depth discussions with product professionals from companies like Intercom, IBM, Apple, and Atlassian.

The show's goal is to help product managers, product marketers, and product ops pros grow their products and careers. A new episode drops every few days.

Don’t Miss this Episode:

What the CEO wants from product leaders – Climb the product ladder long enough and eventually you'll report to the CEO. Learn how to nail this relationship.

8. How I Built This Podcast with Guy Raz

This podcast offers stories that get into the tales behind many of the world's most well-known companies and how those who are innovators, start-up gurus, and idealists built not only businesses but movements.

Don’t Miss this Episode:

Wikipedia: Jimmy Wales covering the launching of Wikipedia and how it works making it one of the top 10 websites in the world.

9. Product Hunt Podcast with Ryan Hoover and Abadesi Osunsade

A podcast that looks at people who are exploring the future of product management by talking to experts in the field. Lots of talk around the future of tech and where we are headed.

Don’t Miss this Episode:

How to design products that make a difference – listen to this episode to learn how to create impactful and useful products your target audience is looking for.

10. Proof to Product Podcast with Katie Hunt

A product design podcast where things are discussed that help you grow and think outside of some of the business norms.

Don’t Miss this Episode:

Shifting the Maker Mindset: Moving yourself from simply a creative role into a strong business person and manager. Finding the right balance.

Final Thoughts

Podcasts are a good way to maximize productivity during a commute or if you need to multitask but still want to learn something. The best podcasts offer good insight to a wide range of product management topics. Finding good sites that let you search for topics rather than wade through podcasts to find relevant episodes is important.

For more product management insights, check out these product management books. If you don't have time for podcasts or books, sign up for The Product Manager newsletter for quick product management tips and tricks straight to your inbox.

By Hannah Clark

Hannah Clark is the Editor of The Product Manager. Following six years of experience in the tech industry, she pivoted into the content space where she's had the pleasure of working with some of the most brilliant voices in the product world. Driven by insatiable curiosity and a love of bringing people together, her mission is to foster a fun, vibrant, and inspiring community of product people.

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