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10 Common Product Manager Interview Questions To Help You Ace Your Interview

So, you have sent in your resume, got the interview, and now need to prepare by knowing what product manager interview questions you might be asked. Going into your meeting well-prepared means you’ll be confident no matter how nervous you are. Below are some practice job interview questions and answers to help you get ready and build up your confidence.

10 Common Product Manager Interview Questions To Help You Ace Your Interview

1. How would you outline our product if someone wanted something similar but with the cost being $20 less?

This question will be asked one way or another as one of the first PM interview questions. Its asked to see if you have looked at the company’s products and learned something about them. It also evaluates communication and prioritization skills.

Answer: Discuss product features and do a basic cost-benefit analysis as best you can from your research. Explain the benefits of keeping the price and what a buyer would get for it. Show your clear thought process, technical skills, and how you would communicate with the buyer.

2. We are going to start to produce the successor of our most popular product. How would you ensure that the original product continues to sell well once the new one is released?

This is a good product marketing manager question to see that you understand customer practices and how to target certain segments of the market. It determines if you can come up with a solution that is helpful and maintains profit.

Answer: Discuss a lower price point for the original product and reaching the consumers who more conscious about their budget. Not everyone wants the newest version; some will be happy with an older quality version at a reduced price. This way, you capture both the budget-conscious market as well as the newer market with both products. Show you have a practical solution, understanding of consumer practices, and a good handle on the consumers you are targeting.

3. What tactics and processes would you use to manage the launch of a new product?

This is one of the product management interview questions that assess how you look at teamwork and timing. Your interviewer will want precise answers rather than vague generalities. Teamwork, timelines, and tracking progress are important.

Answer: Talk about developing a launch with team input and key stakeholders. Mention schedules for dates and deliverables, weekly progress reports, and more meetings closer to the launch to make there are no glitches. Work to make sure marketing targets the right customers while keeping to the original intent of the product.

4. We all have things we like and dislike in our daily routines. What is something you are not fond of as a product manager?

Interviewers use this question to see if your style fits with theirs. If they are a teamwork-based company and you say you like to work alone then they aren’t going to be keen to hire you. They want you to be truthful so don’t say you love everything.

Answer: Every candidate is different but you should do your homework so you know what the company atmosphere is like. Frame your answer to fit the culture so that way they know you are a good fit. Maybe you dislike paperwork so say that but back it up with how you deal with your dislike of it and keep it on track.

5. What do you think defines good product design?

Everyone has a different idea about what defines a good design but your interviewers want to see if your priorities align with those of the company.

Answer: While you do not need to be overly specific, make sure you talk about customer ease of use and that the product does what you told consumers it would. Easy out of the box use means good design.

6. How would you improve our current product?

The interviewer wants to know that you understand the current product and can assess it. They want to see you can look for the pros and cons of what they’re putting out there.

Answer: Point out the pros of the product first and the good things that you have seen and read about it. Then, point out one thing you might change. It could be the product itself or target marketing. There are lots of options to show your knowledge of the product.

7. What is your strongest skill set as a product manager?

This question is looking to see what you are good at and what you will bring to the team. They are looking for skills that are useful, result-oriented, and beneficial to the team.

Answer: Pick a skill that you are top-notch at and build on your success with it. This is an opportunity to show off what you know and the successes your skillset has led to. Choose the one that is your strongest.

8. What is a weakness in your skillset?

They are looking for honesty and not just a made-up answer to make you look good. They want to make sure that the skill you’re lacking is manageable and that you can work to make it better.

Answer: Tell them truthfully what you struggle with and how you deal with it being a weakness. If its paperwork, then explains how you set time aside to work on it without distraction. Always have an answer on how the make your weakness stronger.

9. What do you do in your current position?

This is to make sure you have some experience and knowledge that is transferable from the job you are in. Even if you are moving up, they still want to know you have some background in the right area.

Answer: Be clear about your job parameters and what you are doing that matches the job you are applying for. You want them to blend so they see your competency and experience.

10. What are some of the challenges you see in our sector?

This may be one of the product owner interview questions to make sure you know the marketplace and product lines both in this company and the competitors.

Answer: Be very clear about the sector as a whole and how you see this company meeting those challenges shortly. Show you know the marketplace and its pros and cons.

What Are Your Top Product Manager Interview Questions?

Product manager interview questions vary depending on the position and the product but practicing questions like this and using The Product Manager newsletter can help you prepare for the interview process. The more insight you have, the more comfortable you will be in your PM interview.

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