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About The Product Manager

Discover with us how to do Product Management better

We’re a Product Management community exploring the best in product strategy and vision, product development frameworks, customer research, startups, and more. Find the tips, tricks, how-to guides, and tools you need to build great products that make the world a better place.

The Product Manager Vision

Whether you are a Product Management professional or building a product for the first time, welcome! This is your space.

Fundamentally, is a guide for product managers on how to get shipped done. How to manage the process of product development better, to do your job better, ship faster and iterate better. We cover the business, technology, user experience (UX), tools and team management required to deliver exceptional products.


Come discover the latest and greatest in the Product Management world. Learn, grow and connect with PM professionals and benefit from product management guidance that’s engineered to work within the Wild West of product development.

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The Product Manager was founded in 2019, by Ben Aston founder of Black & White Zebra. It is sponsored by Crema, a digital product agency that help individuals and companies thrive through creativity, technology and culture.

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In the product marketplace, The Product Manager provides the most targeted and cost-effective media on the market, equipping our advertisers to promote to senior decision makers involved in product strategy and development.

We work strategically with our advertisers to ensure that their activities achieve maximum reach and impact through a rich variety of promotional packages, all of which can be tailored to your specific campaign objectives.

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We welcome editorial contributions for consideration. Pitches, synopses and speculative articles can be sent to the Editor –