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The Community For Tenacious Product Leaders


Share the Weight of Scaling Your Product

The community for tenacious product leaders steering SaaS startups to maturity.

Connect with Product Managers in SaaS startups

Connect with product people in SaaS startups

Workshop solutions to your unique challenges

Workshop solutions to your unique challenges

Build products with confidence

Stay on top of industry trends and innovations


Scaling a SaaS Product isn’t easy.

On any given day, you’re playing the diplomat, bargaining with designers, devs, and marketers, and taking the fall when something goes wrong.


So we built this membership for you because:

  • You’re tasked with rapid product delivery, despite an infernal backburner of tech debt.
  • Your scope of responsibility exceeds your level of authority.
  • You have so many competing priorities, you probably spend more time prioritizing than shipping.
  • You struggle with imposter syndrome, even though you’re successful on paper.

Take a deep breath—you’ve found your people.

We Have the Solutions

We’ve gathered a small universe of people like you. The ones you want to chat with every day. The supportive, experienced, SaaS-focused PM’s who genuinely love their work, and are driven to help others succeed.

Experts In Residence

Get answers and actionable insights from industry leaders and product management experts.

Suren Karapetyan

Suren is a senior product manager focused on AI-driven SaaS products. He thrives in the fast-paced world of early stage startups and finds the product-market fit for them.

Evie Brockwell

Evie is a Product Management Coach & Consultant. She’s implemented best in class Product Practices for over 20 companies in the last 8 years.

Michael Pierce

Michael is an enterprising Product Executive, Product Portfolio Manager, and Startup Founder, with a multifaceted background in SaaS.

Samantha Gonzalez

Samantha is an inclusive product leader focused on creating psychologically-safe team environments that foster innovative and ethical products.

Raj Elakkara

Raj is an Entrepreneur & Product Manager with 10+ years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies, and has also founded 3 startups of his own.

Nimrod Priell

Nimrod is the founder and CEO of Cord. He is a former PM at Meta and advised unicorn B2B startups before launching his own product with over 100,000 users today.

Advisors On Rotation

Members also get access to monthly interactive sessions led by prominent and respected voices in Product Management today, including names like:

Clement Kao

Clement Kao is Founder of Product Teacher, a product management education company that accelerates product talent through training, courses, and executive coaching.

Andrea Saez

Andrea is a product marketing specialist and author with over 10 years of experience helping companies apply product-thinking to scaling strategies.

Phil Araujo

Phil is a PM and advisor with 12+ years in product roles. He helps founders, PMs, and techies level up & build confidence, enabling them to deliver the right thing the right way at the right time.

Stephanie Neill

Stephanie Neill is a Product Executive with 15+ years of experience across brands like Lions Gate Entertainment, The New York Times, and Amazon’s

Natalia Baryshnikova

Natalia is the GM & Head of Product at the Enterprise Agility at Atlassian. Her passion is building software that powers collaboration.

Sid Arora

Sid is the Head of Product (Analytics and Experimentation) at Yelp, and the founder of JustAnotherPM. He uses his 13+ years of experience to help PMs accelerate in their careers.

Eduardo Mignot

Eduardo Mignot Escalada is a leading figure in product management who has contributed to the growth of tech unicorns like Wefox and Finleap as well as guiding global product initiatives at Banco Santander.

Join the Community and Make An Impact

Every member of the community is first vetted by our team before being invited to the discussion. This helps ensure that our conversations remain focused and that each member you meet brings knowledge and experience that is relevant and valuable.

How It Works

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1. You Apply

We really want to get to know you, so expect this take between 10-15 minutes.

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2. We Review

We review your application. You’ll find out the outcome within 3 business days.

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3. You Take Your First Steps

If approved, you’ll be sent an onboarding kit and an invite to meet with the Community Host.

Join The Community & Make An Impact

Grow further, faster. Join a friendly, vibrant community with resources and training for people who love to see their digital products’ names in lights.

Most people ask their employer to pay for this. Here’s how you can too!

Early Access Opens March 25
The Product Manager Membership
  • Connect with vetted product professionals in Slack in real-time
  • Get insights directly from Product Experts
  • Interact with guests during live webinars
  • Attend exclusive Member events
  • Join a facilitated Mastermind group
  • Build your network via monthly 1:1s with members and Experts
  • Access on-demand replays of any of our learning sessions