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If anyone knows the value of a great product management blog, it's us. No matter what your role is on the product team, it's good to step out of your own daily grind from time to time and read up on how other smart people are doing things. Of course, it's so much easier to turn professional development into a part of your routine when you've already got a few favorite product management websites to turn to for inspiration.

These 15 blogs are must-reads for anyone endeavoring to build better products. Don't forget to bookmark them!

15 Top Product Management Blogs and Websites of 2024

1. Lenny’s Newsletter by Lenny Rachitsky

I don’t know why this guy isn’t topping more lists because he’s absolutely killing it. While the Substack newsletter (and namesake of the website) is definitely worth the paid subscription, the free version is packed with more value than we deserve. From handy ChatGPT prompts and musings on metrics to super in-depth podcast conversations with growth-minded folks, we are huge Lenny fans over here.

The Best Part of This Blog:

Yes, it’s a paid feature, but if you can spring for a membership, you’ll find the most value in Lenny’s Slack community. The community is vibrant, active, and friendly, but you don’t have to take my word for it. You can check out the tip of the iceberg in the weekly Community Wisdom posts on the blog.

2. The Product Guy Blog by Jeremy Horn

This blog dives deep into all things product management, with a new vlog every week—and plenty of insightful guest speakers—exploring industry processes, challenges, and proven methods for success. Its author has experience in spades, with over 20 years of leading product management teams, several successful startups, and his own 10-week course for folks wanting to break into the business. 

The Best Part of This Blog:

If you’re more into video-based content instead of scrolling through long blogs, this is the place for you. Watch Creating the Product Value for an expert’s approach to the keystone of product management. 

3. Bringing the Donuts by Ken Norton

Ken is well-known in the product management space and offers one of the best product management blogs on the web. The cool thing about his site is that he also publishes product-oriented job opportunities to his following as well. Ken is humble, smart, and has good advice for anyone in the industry.

The Best Part of This Blog:

The best part of this blog is the depth of content and the link to resources for product managers. Articles like Please Make Yourself Uncomfortable are clear, thoughtful, and easy to read. Lots of good stuff.

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5. Sachin Rekhi by Sachin

Musings on product management & entrepreneurship.

This website and blog cover all things around product management. Sachin is a prolific writer and more than accomplished in the field. After working in Silicon Valley both in PM and as a founder, he knows a lot. His work is fresh, easy to read, and offers a lot of different perspectives.

The Best Part of this Blog:

Product manager blogs can be dry and technical but this is a refreshing one that really addresses the realities of the industry. Much of the content feels like sitting in an office and having a chat.

My recent article on the top 10 deliverables of product managers is a must-read, as it breaks down the role of product management into very specific actionable deliverables that you can self-assess your own capabilities on and then specifically work to improve.
-Sachin Rekhi

4. The Department of Product by Richard Holmes and Jason Leonard

Here’s a blog written by product management professionals for product management professionals. The authors focus on realistic thinking and straightforward learning as a roadmap to business. This site offers articles, lots of resources, and various perspectives on this ever-changing industry.

The Best Part of This Blog:

This blog offers a lot of quality content if you’re looking for topics like product strategy, processes, and skills development. They are a well-written, clear, and practical resource—Why Products Fail is a great place to start.

6. Userpilot

This paid subscription offers a wealth of resources for product management teams. Their blogs are incredibly in-depth and well-researched, and their software and user experience tools are insanely valuable. While the $250/month might seem a bit steep, the top-tier quality and volume of available resources are unmatched. 

The Best Part of this Blog:

You can do a two-week free trial to see if Userpilot would be of benefit to your team! If not, you can just use those two weeks to do a deep dive into their outstanding library of articles. 

7. Roman Pichler by Roman

If you are looking for product management resources, this guy is one of the best. This website offers everything you could want when it comes to info and resources and the blog itself is insightful and helpful for those in the field. You can find anything you need or want when it comes to product management information.

The Best Part of this Blog:

The easy search tool along with the depth of content is this blog’s standout feature. Lots to offer and easy to find and use—the perfect combination.

8. Hacker Noon by Various authors

So much is available on this site from product management, development info, and even a product marketing blog here and there. There are lots of original writings that look at everything tech. The blog’s growing product management community is supportive and a great place to talk product strategy with like-minded PMs.

The Best Part of this Blog:

The blog community here is awesome and there is so much content to get through. Read Product Management Skills NO ONE Talks About as a start and then go from there. (Jumpscare warning: the background color is BRIGHT.)

9. Product Talk by Teresa Torres

A must-bookmark for product leaders, Teresa writes from the perspective of a seasoned coach who has helped over 12,000 product people get better at what they do. On the Product Talk blog, she approaches product management from a leadership perspective and offers insightful ideas for bringing customer perspectives into every level of decision-making.

The Best Part of the Blog:

For a taste of the great leadership ideas you’ll find throughout the blog, Building a Culture of Accountability for Empowered Product Teams is a post adapted from a podcast episode featuring fellow Product Talk coach Hope Gurion that discusses some highly-implementable frameworks for holding everyone in the product team accountable to their respective outcomes.

10. Elezea by Rian van der Merwe

This blog looks at the whole product management process. It is one of the best product design blogs around and covers almost everything you can think of, with topics like fine-tuning product roadmaps, prioritization, making better product decisions, and more. The content is light and easy to read and the relaxed writing style is a great way to learn and enjoy it at the same time.

The Best Part of the Blog:

There are a lot of great thoughts on things like customer research. Product Management Is about Building Carrots, Not Sticks is a good article to start with so you can get the gist of the blogs.

11. The Product Collective by various authors

With over 50,000 subscribers, The Product Collective has garnered a loyal following through its industry news and know-how for product leaders and professionals. It’s an especially valuable resource hub for folks who are just starting their careers. Most of the contributors didn’t go to school for product management and had to find their own way in this ever-evolving industry. Suffice it to say, they’ve got some solid, real-world insight on breaking into product management. 

The Best Part of the Blog:

The blogs are short and sweet, and they cover all sorts of other tech-related topics that might pique your interest! We really enjoyed Crypt-oh no pt. I & II

12. Product Coalition collated by Jay Stansell

This site pulls in a lot of different blog posts on product management from across the industry and the internet. It's great for browsing the best of all the top blogs so you don’t have to go searching for ones you want.

The Best Part of the Blog:

The fact that they have done the research and pulled the best of the best makes life easier for the reader. The best part is that it’s so EASY to find great articles!

13. The Intercom Blog by Intercom

Formerly Inside Intercom, few products have a blog this practical that also looks this cool. This is a great source of knowledge for product professionals who are interested in overlapping disciplines like design, CX, and engineering.

The Best Part of the Blog:

Like all the best blogs out there, Intercom is great at repurposing their podcast transcripts. But they also make them easy to skim so you can absorb the best “nuggets” from the conversation in a few seconds. Check out this recent example and have a read (or listen!) to How ChatGPT changed everything.

14. SVPG Insights Blog by Marty Cagan

No list of product management blogs is complete without this beloved resource by Marty Cagan and the folks at the Silicon Valley Product Group! Born from the most famous tech hub in the world, you can expect that the insights found here will be most resonant for PMs working in the SaaS and digital product space. However, it also offers plenty of insightful leadership and agile project management ideas that will strike a chord with product people of all stripes.

The Best Part of the Blog:

Marty Cagan has a well-established reputation as a thought leader in the product space, and more recent insights like Transformation Anti-Patterns: Management Consultancies prove that he’s still out here challenging the status quo.

15. The Product Manager by Us

Is this a humble brag? Sure, yeah, it is. But if you found this article through Google and you’re not yet a reader, maybe we should be on your radar. We publish insights, how-to guides, templates, tool reviews, podcasts...all kinds of useful goodies for product people and startup founders.

The Best Part of the Blog:

We’re already sort of pushing it by listing ourselves here, so I won’t try to oversell you. However, you can sign up for our newsletter for a weekly batch of the site’s best content of the moment.

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