10 Best Product Management Tools of 2020

This article will help you quickly compare and evaluate the best product management tools. First, you’ll find a list of tools and then I’ll go over the types of PM tools you can take advantage of when building products. 

The Best Product Management Tools List

Here’s a list of the best product management software I’ve come across:

  1. Jira – known as the #1 software development tool for agile teams
  2. Wrike – leading work management platform with release management, product development, and product vision software. 
  3. ProdPad – offers product lifecycle management tools like product backlog, roadmaps, customer feedback, and more. 
  4. Productboard – product management system to support your product development with customer research, prioritization, and product roadmapping. 
  5. ProductPlan – product development software with beautiful UI to easily visualize and communicate product strategy.
  6. Roadmunk – roadmap tool visualize product strategy used by thousands of product teams
  7. Clubhouse – project management platform for software development focused on building better products
  8. Airfocus – powerful product team and product manager software offering roadmaps and prioritization tools
  9. Craft – described as the ultimate product management software for the entire product lifecycle
  10. Aha – described as the world’s #1 roadmap software, trusted by more than 250K product teams

What Are Product Management Tools?

Product management tools are software applications that help product teams carry out some or all phases of the product lifecycle, from planning, researching, and developing to launching, assessing, and iterating on a product. 

Product software is used by product teams for any or all of these product-related tasks: prototyping, defining a product roadmap, user journey mapping, customer research, product roadmapping, feature prioritization, managing sprints, analyzing product data, process mapping, and managing product releases. 

Product Management vs Project Management Tools

There’s a lot of overlap in project management applications and product management applications. For example, many of the best tools on this list offer modules to help with both the project management and product management process. 

This means in many cases you won’t use different tools—you’ll use a single tool where you’ll find project management features like resourcing, scheduling, and reporting alongside product management features like roadmapping, product boards, and product diagrams. In this case, you get team management applications, project management applications, and product lifecycle management tools bundled together, or, alternatively as separate modules that you can activate as you need them. 

Other Types of Tools For Product Management

Some product tools are all-in-one suites, like several of the suites listed above. But there are also a number of great specialized tools that zero in on a particular niche within product planning, research, development, or strategy. 

Here is a list of a few types of tools for developing, prioritizing, designing, and planning products:

  1. OKR Software & Tools
  2. Prototyping Tools
  3. Wireframing Tools
  4. Customer Feedback Tools
  5. Roadmap Tools
  6. Flowchart Tools
  7. Diagramming Tools
  8. Release Management Tools

Other Product Manager Software

Here’s a few more product manager tools that didn’t make the top list. I encourage to experiment with these great options as well!

  1. Creately
  2. Canny

What Do You Think?

What do you think is the best product development software, and why? Do you think it’s better to use an all-in-one tool or do you prefer a collection of product development tools? 

Weigh in with the rest of The PM community and product experts in the comments below.